With most great domain names already taken, choosing one for your website can be a challenge. But don’t splurge on that premium domain just yet. See how these free domain generation tools can help you. You may find that the perfect name for your site is still available.

Note: When using any of these tools, remember that the status of a domain name can change at any moment. So the site may not always display a domain’s current status accurately. Also, these sites may take you to a default registrar when you click on domains. You can go somewhere else to register your domain.

Name Mesh

If you think you have exhausted all possible domain names containing your desired keywords, think again. Name Mesh may yield some interesting results for you. Type in your keyword(s), and it displays available domains grouped into categories such as “common,” “short” and “fun.” This helps you narrow down your choices quickly even if a lot of the suggestions make no sense. Among other categories are new top-level domains or TLDs. If all the .com, .net and .org domains you like are taken, newer TLDs like .me and .site may give you more options. Name Mesh also suggests mixed-word domains that can give you ideas you never even thought of.

Link: namemesh.com

Lean Domain Search

The strength of this tool lies in its sorting and filtering capabilities. To save yourself time combing through thousands of results, Lean Domain Search lets you sort them by length, alphabetical order, or popularity. You can also filter results so they end or begin with your keywords or both. Words added to your chosen keyword(s) are in boldface, so they are easy to see.

Link: leandomainsearch.com

Instant Domain Search

What makes Instant Domain Search useful are the grouped results. You can view all results, or narrow it down to expired domains, domains that are for sale, generated name ideas, and new TLD extensions. For example, when you look up a keyword, you click the “expired” link to view expired domains with that keyword. If you are unable to find a domain you like, it may be available in the newer TLDs.

Link: instantdomainsearch.com


This isn’t exactly a domain name idea tool. It won’t suggest names to you based on keyword(s). But what it lacks in features, Domize makes up for in simplicity and speed. As you type a name, Domize displays the results. Red means a name is taken; blue means it is available; green means it is for sale. Default search settings show only the most popular TLDs such as com, net and org. You also have the option to include additional TLDs and change the default domain registrar.

Link: domize.com

Bust A Name

You need to do more thinking with Bust A Name than with the other tools mentioned above. Instead of suggesting domain names, Bust A Name asks you for specific words and looks up available names based on those words. The results are pretty exact, so keep adding words. The more you add, the more results you get. You can limit your searches to dot coms or broaden them to include other TLDs.

Link: bustaname.com


This domain name generator does something unique. It combines lists of words with either your chosen keyword or another list of words. Your keyword can appear either in the beginning or at the end. Dot-o-mator’s word lists focus on themes or ideas such as “active,” “places” and “experts.” The results can be pretty ingenious. Some sound like they might make memorable brand names. You wish there were more word lists to use, frankly.

Link: dotomator.com

Shopify Business Name Generator

Don’t be misled by its name. This tool isn’t just for generating Shopify store names. When you enter a keyword, it will suggest domain names. You are encouraged to create a Shopify shop with your chosen name, but you don’t have to. The interface is clean and the results come fast. The suggested names seem geared toward businesses.

Link: shopify.com/tools/business-name-generator

Many people would agree that a great domain name is important for establishing an online presence. Your perfect domain is out there waiting for you, and a good name generator can help you find it.

When you’re ready to purchase that perfect domain name head over to Google Domains or GoDaddy and contact us when you’re ready to get that new website built.